You're 4 Questions From a Seat at the Table

Are you ready to take a seat at the table?


You’ve likely heard the term, “having a seat at the table”—which is often defined as someone who has leadership influence and the voice to make a difference in key areas of an organization. Executive leadership coach and founder of ConnexionPoint Services Amy Balog provides a powerful four-part reflective exercise to help you develop the leadership skills you’ll need to prepare for a seat—and a voice—at the table.

Watch this video and discover how you can become an influencer in your circle.

One of the most powerful reflective exercises to take on yourself, I ready or am I potentially already at the seat at the table, "What are my primary points of views about our business, what we do, and how our company is growing? Do I have an inventory of those? What are those? How do I talk about those?"

The second question is: "Where are my relationships in the company and how healthy are they? And how wide do they go and how deep do they go? How well do I understand these folks that I would put on this list, and how well do they understand my area? How often do I invite them into my world and go into theirs? What does that list look like? How wide and deep is it?"

The third question is, "The last few big challenges that I just faced as a leader, what context did I step into that challenge with? What context did I have? Was it just the context for what I'm leading? Was it enterprise context? What was needed? Do we have all the context to go into all the conversations we have to solve that problem, or were we missing something? Is there something different I can do to get more context going forward, and be more attentive to that?"

And the fourth question, "Have I ever watched or gotten any feedback on my storytelling? How good of a storyteller am I? Do I understand what the elements of storytelling are all about? When was the last time I felt like I was part of a great story, and then I told it?" Those are powerful questions.

Amy Balog

As an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker, Amy wakes up every morning and pursues her passionate mission to show the world we can lead from our center not our circumstances. Amy’s clients’ experience a journey to discove...

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