Your Personal Priorities Drive Success

What priorities contribute to your success?

In this video from Leadercast Live, Sportscaster James Brown shares insights from his high school coach -- Naismith Basketball Hall-of-Famer Morgan Wootten -- about setting personal priorities prior to reaching specific goals. Coach Wootten explained to James that he would rather have a team of basketball players who don’t put sports first. “If I've got people who have their priorities in order, I can win with them because I can teach them the rest of what they need,” James quotes Wooten as saying. James adds that when people have their priorities in order, it frees leaders up to develop them and teach them the practical skills they need. What tips help you keep your priorities in the right order? Share your three top priorities in the comments section! For more from James Brown insights, from Leadercast Live and his exclusive backstage videos, visit his Leadercast Now channel. And for more about leadership insight, check out the Insight channel on Leadercast Now.
My high school coach, world renowned, his name is Morgan Wootten, the first high school coach inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for what he did only at the high school level. Won nearly 1,300 games, lost only 192. Coach is a master, and people like Red Auerbach and John Wooden of UCLA fame, God bless them, said that Coach Wootten was the finest coach at any level. And we dominated and he dominated for 45 years, coaching at DeMatha. He says, "The players who play for me must have these priorities in order. God must be first. Family is second. School is third. And then your sport, or basketball, is fourth." I asked him, "But Coach, what does that have to do with success on the basketball floor?" He says "If I've got people who've got their priorities in order, I can win with them because I can teach them the rest of what they need. But those elements, those priorities, in that order, must be in place because I'm confident going into battle with them, they can get it done."

James Brown

James Brown is a three-time Emmy award winning network broadcaster and was named’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade” in 2010. He is the host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and Super Bowl 50, host of “Thursday Night Football” on CBS a...

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