Why You Might Want to Revisit the Way You’re Leading

Are your leadership patterns effective, or do they come as obstacles?


Amy Balog, founder of ConnexionPoint Services LLC, works with executives to help them lead effectively—and that includes self-leadership, leading others and leading in different environments.

A key aspect of high-achieving leaders is the ability to “unhook themselves from what they're facing each day,” says Amy. “Your environment does two things: One, it conditions you. You learn, in a good way, what the environment needs. But in a challenging way, you can start just falling into patterns.” Amy suggests that leaders step back and get a different perspective, including inviting others to ask questions and make new connections. The more objective you can be as a leader, the more effectively you will lead.

Part of what leaders need to do is to unhook themselves from what they're facing each day. So your environment does two things to you. One is, it does condition you. You do learn, in a good way, what the environment needs. But in a challenging way, you can start just falling into patterns with that.

We have patterns. Humans work neurologically on patterns, and it's what we do to survive. We don't have to think about how we drive to work. We don't necessarily have to think about what we've learned in the past. We can go and make a certain kind of complex decision because we've made it before. So we can fall into patterns and your environment's going to invite you to do that.

We've worked with leaders where we get up on a whiteboard and we completely visually remap their environment and color-code it and create different meanings about what's happening in the environment. What different people need gets a different color. It's helpful to just step completely away and take in a completely different view of what you're leading. It's helpful in that creating a new space to bring people in to help you look at it differently. And I'm not necessarily even talking about consultants. Other people, the kind of people that come on this Leadercast, folks that can come in that can help you ask different questions of the environment and make different connections about it. So you make this more objective space, you come in and you can lead much more effectively.

Amy Balog

As an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker, Amy wakes up every morning and pursues her passionate mission to show the world we can lead from our center not our circumstances. Amy’s clients’ experience a journey to discove...

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