Why Mentorship Is Essential for Young Leaders’ Success

Do you have someone helping you build your roadmap to success?


Alex Hailstock, entrepreneur, fitness authority and personal development mentor, shares why it’s critical for young leaders to build a relationship with a mentor.

“My mentors allow me to skip levels of life,” says Alex. “Because why should I make the same mistakes that they made? ...They provide the road map for me to expedite my level of success, and they also give me the principles of success as well.”

Watch the video to learn from Alex why having a mentor is so incredibly invaluable.

My relationship with my mentors are invaluable. They're invaluable. Their benefit is they've walked the path that I'm looking to walk. And they've wrestled with the issues that I've wrestled with. And they've navigated them and they've found success. And so, my time with them is sacred. They give me so much wisdom. And they allow me to skip levels. My mentors allow me to skip levels of life. Because why should I make the same mistakes that they made? And so, they provide the roadmap for me to expedite my level of success, and they also give me the principles of success as well.

And so, again, the discipline. Doing what's difficult when you want to, or not, and it has to be done. The principles of perseverance. It's evident because every successful person that mentors me has had hurdles. They've had many challenges. Their path has been marred with obstacles. But they've overcome them, and they've shown me the principles of how to overcome them. And so, having a mentor is essential. It's essential to your success.

So, for any young person looking to find a great mentor, first you need to be willing to reach out. Because the funny thing is about mentors, anyone who's successful, they love to help. Especially if they see a little bit of themselves in you. If you can kind of exemplify that little spark, that little energy that they have seen in themselves, or had had in the past, it's actually a mutual beneficial relationship because that mentor gets re-energized.

There's one story that comes to mind from one of my mentors who's actually a really successful commercial real estate agent. And he got into the business right before, when the economy crashed, in around 2007-2008. And, before then, people were doing well. But he was just getting into the business, didn't really have a foothold in a particular market, and he really suffered. He really suffered. And so, he still applies that same tenacity, that same work-ethic that he had when things were difficult, and when things were in abundance.

And so, the real lesson I got from him was no matter how great things are, be hungry. Be hungry. Be diligent. Because the market can turn at any moment. And if you have those principles of hard work already implemented, you're going to survive. You'll be just fine.

Alex Hailstock

Alex Hailstock is an entrepreneur, fitness authority and personal development mentor. As a recognized fitness expert, he inspires and instructs countless people through total body transformations, and helps them actualize their full p...

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