Why Great Leaders Share Their Stories

Are you providing others with an opportunity to learn from your mistakes?


Jae Washington, customer success specialist and experienced engager, explains why storytelling is an essential leadership trait.

“Often we talk about, ‘You have stick your hand in the fire to know what it feels like to be burned,’” explains Jae. “I don’t think you do… Sometimes you need to talk to someone who has burned their finger and who can translate that experience in a way that you can relate to.”

When leaders share their stories, particularly those about mistakes or failures, it’s a way of telling others, “I suffer so you don’t have to,” says Jae. Watch the video to learn more from Jae about sharing your life and leadership lessons with others.

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Jae Washington

Jae Washington is a connector who understands the importance of shared stories and how they contribute to the bottom line. Adept in many disciplines, she is committed to the team as well as the task at hand. Jae seeks opportunities t...

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