Lead Yourself Out of a Job

How effective is your team when you’re not there?


Deadrick Leonard believes that great leaders will lead themselves out of a job, making way for others to develop, step up and lead. In fact, says Deadrick, the true testament of great leaders is not when they are present, but when they are absent.

Deadrick is a Global Transformational Speaker and advocate for foster and homeless youth. He has faced many difficult situations in his life, and draws upon those experiences to develop his own leadership qualities and help educate and empower others.

As a leader, leaders should invest in relationships with the people they are leading. A great leader will lead himself out of the job. He will lead himself out of a job. Because the true testimony of a leader is not when they're present, it's when they're absent. So if your company or organization is destroyed when you're not there, your leadership is not effective.

I feel like people would do well by your business, would do well by your organization if they truly have established a relationship with you to understand your heart, to understand your vision so that they can play their role, play their part.

You got to have connections and I feel like our next level of success is like Wi-Fi. The only way you have access to it unless you're connected. You got to be connected and that's gold with building relationships because people tend to help people that they know and love or they have appreciation for. People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel.

Deadrick Leonard

Deadrick Leonard is a Global Transformational Speaker, entrepreneur, advocate for foster and homeless youth, youth minister, and entertainer who doesn't mind sharing his messes in exchange for your education, empowerment, and entertai...

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