Why Being Unaware of Your Leadership Style Is Risky

How do you exhibit nature, nurture and choice in your leadership?


Dan Frey, partner and founding member of GiANT Worldwide, explains why leaders need to be self-aware of their leadership styles.

“If nature and nurture and choice are not part of the leadership inside an organization, the major risk is that the leader defines the culture, and has no intentionality around understanding what it's like to be on the other side of their leadership,” says Dan (click here to learn about the difference between nature, nurture and choice).

Watch the video to learn about two scenarios where being unaware of your leadership style could cause turmoil for your team.

What nature and nurture and choice are--those are the three things that people are experiencing, that are going on in us when they're on the other side of us. They are our leadership behaviors.

So nature, those are the things that are literally born into us, that came to us from birth, okay? I don't know if you remember choosing the day that you wanted to be a right hand or left hand. It just kind of happened. There are parts of your personalities that are the exact same example as the analogy of right-handed, left-handed. There are parts of your personality that when you're in those situations, or with those people or experiencing those experiences, they feel natural. 

But on the other hand, there are certain people experiencing situations that feel like you're writing with your opposite hand. You can do it but the result feels awkward. You may look at it and it may be a messy result. It's almost like trying to write with your opposite hand. Knowing your natural personality tendencies or knowing what comes from you based on just birth, that's nature.

Now nurture sits on top of nature. Those are all the experiences that we've been through in our life that make us who we are. Most adults though are oblivious to nature. They live in nurture, they look at the world for what it is, they see their situation and they look at each day as, "This is what I have to do today." And that's what's driving their choice. So the here and now is driving the choice with no real awareness of really what drives me. Where my values are come from nature. What I have to do every day is my nurture but the choices I make should be the combination of both. That's a wise choice not just an intelligent choice.

So what can I do now to align myself towards nature, nurture, and choice? First step is you got to learn who you are by nature. Most adults don't know this. We at Giant Worldwide would help our clients through Jungian type also known as Myers-Briggs. We help them know what their natural tendencies are. Now there's 16 different types, okay? So I don't say that if you learn what your nature is you have to go get four letters tattooed on your forearm and say that's all you could ever do. I say that is the baseline for your tendencies, so that's where we begin to work with what nature is.

Nurture, we help teams then start to learn, well, you know your letters but do you know your voice? So there's five voices of a team. There's a pioneer, there's a connector, there's a guardian, there's a nurturer, and there's a creative. All five are equally important to the function of a healthy team. It's a lot easier to know which voice you are as opposed to figuring out, "Well, I'm an NF and he's an ST and she's an EJ. And what does it all mean?" So that's your nurture. So if you know who I am, you know how I come across and what I don't connect with. I then have wise choices ahead of me as opposed to what I think is the smart choice.

That would be the best three steps I'd say to beginning to get aware of what your nature, your nurture, and your choice is.
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Dan Frey

Dan Frey is a Partner and one of the founding members of GiANT Worldwide, a company committed to developing leaders worth following. Twelve years of Dan’s 25-year career were between Product Specialist, Sales Management, and National ...

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