Who Owns Your Agenda?

Are you the cause of your own stress and overwhelm?


Robbi Crawford—professional mentor, sociologist, speaker and author—shares how leaders can prevent stress and overwhelm by owning their own agenda.

“Own your own agenda,” says Robbi. “You decide when you're going to do what. How you're going to take care of yourself. How you going to take care of your clients. How you going to take care of the family.”

Watch the video to learn more from Robbi about how to take stress and overwhelm into your own hands.

Another conversation that I have with students is about owning their own agenda. This one often comes up when we're talking about overwhelm. Students will often say, ''I'm overwhelmed. I have so much to do. I'm going to school. I'm working.'' Some of them may have families. Some may have kids. A variety of different circumstances and I'll ask them, ''Who owns your agenda?'' and they'll say, ''I do.'' But I'll say, ''I bet you I can challenge it. I bet you you don't which is why you're feeling overwhelmed all the time.''

So we begin to talk, I say, ''If I followed you for a week, for seven days,'' and before I ask that question I'll have them kind of talk about values and I'll say, ''OK, if I followed you for seven days, would I be able to see the demonstration of those values in your life, every day?'' And sometimes there is a disconnect. They say they value this but they're acting in this way. And so, I say, ''Sometimes when we have that disconnect and that missed alignment that causes unnecessary stress and overwhelm. When you begin to align the two and you live in alignment with what you really value, you don't experience as much of that overwhelm.''

So it's really important for you to be in integrity, to be congruent, in alignment with what you're saying you want to do and you want to be and all that and then actually what's happening in your everyday life as you're moving through work and school and relationships, etc. And that's also very revealing.

One woman who was a millennial decided she wanted to become a business-builder and owning that business and running that business. She was available 24/7 to her clients, it was driving her nuts. I was like, ''You know you can tell them when you want them to connect with you?'' ''Really?'' ''Of course, you can.''

You say, ''I'm going to be working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You own your own agenda. You decide when you're going to do what. How you're going to take care of yourself. How you going to take care of your clients. How you going to take care of the family.'' You decide when you're going to do that so owning the agenda is that conversation.
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Robbi Crawford

Robbi Crawford, Professional Mentor, Sociologist, Speaker and Author, is a former college professor and fierce advocate of today's college student. She's the founder of BrijBrand, an inward-bound hub of services and products designed ...

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