What Would You Do If Anything Was Possible?

How can creative thinking transform your decision making?


Chris Barez-Brown, author, speaker and creativity guru, talks about vision in decision making. In this video, Chris shares the personal story of how he did everything he was supposed to do, yet still felt he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do in life.

“I was very successful at a young age, and I knew it wasn't what I should be doing. I had this itch, and I ended up throwing it all in and going traveling,” Chris recalls.

What would you do if anything was possible? Answering this question can help you decide the best direction for your preferred future.

So, I think there's been a few moments in my life that have really shaped who I am today, one of which was, I did everything I thought I should do. I went to school, I got the right degree, the right education, got my first job, then got promoted, then the first job I was bragging about, then the first one I was good at. I mean, I was running the biggest brand in Europe at the time. I was very successful at a young age, and I knew it wasn't what I should be doing.
,br>I had this itch, and I ended up throwing it all in and going traveling, and I actually fell in love with what I do today because I needed inspiring possibility for my life. So, just completely changing my life, my world, what I read, what I was interested in, was one of the best ways of doing it, because if you can come up with inspiring possibility for you, you can do it for business, and that's what I learned.

So, that's one thing. I then worked for a startup. So I was like the fourth or fifth partner in an innovation consultancy. We grew it up to 300 people and they were the crazy circus folk. I mean, these guys, they just inspired me every day, and I actually have a lot to thank them for because a lot of the way I think and the way I do energy work is because that's how they were. So, that's really helped me.

Beyond that, I've just got some weirdo freak friends and they're the best inspiration. Just make sure you fill your life with interesting, colorful people, and you'll always be pushing yourself, because if I ever got too staid in my ways, they would prod and they would poke me, and I think that's a useful thing to have.


Chris Barez-Brown

Chris Barez-Brown has been unleashing the creative potential of worldwide organizations including Nike, Coca Cola, Diageo, The Gates Foundation, Sony and WPP. He is a master of metamorphosis, challenging and transforming businesses th...

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