What to Do When You’re Feeling Stuck

How are you being proactive in navigating your roadblocks?


Shira Miller, chief communications officer at National DCP, works with leaders to help them overcome obstacles and get “unstuck.” In this video, Shira offers solutions and steps to take when you find yourself high and dry. She shares true stories of people she has worked with who have overcome their extraordinary circumstances to find extraordinary success. She also notes that leaders can get unstuck on a smaller scale, too.

“You can be stuck in a small way,” she explains. “It might be that you don't know how you want to move your company forward from a hundred-thousand-dollar a year business to a million-dollar-a-year business.”

Watch the video to hear Shira’s tips on getting unstuck.

I'm working on a project I'm really excited about right now and it focuses on helping people and companies get unstuck. For example, I've had the pleasure of working with a gentleman who by age 15 had cancer five times. But instead of letting that run him down in life, he decided to become a triathlete. He's been to Ironman nationals and now he inspires all. He lives in Texas.

Another woman whose story has thrilled so many different people is a director at CARE, the relief organization. When she went to Haiti, she found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer but didn't have the medical facilities to get the proper care and treatment at that time. She managed to get unstuck, get the kind of treatment she wanted through transport, has helped so many other people in the same kinds of situations.

But the examples don't have to be that dramatic. You can be stuck in a small way. It might be you don't know how you want to move your company forward from a hundred-thousand-dollar a year business to a million-dollar-a-year business or how to capitalize on a great idea that's going to create new channels and vehicles that you want to solve.

So there are several different ways to get unstuck. Years ago, Coca-Cola had a campaign and it was called "The Pause that Refreshes." It was 50 years ago. That was their slogan. And we can learn a lot from that. Taking a pause is something a lot of people don't think they can do. You know, in today's 24/7 environment, there's so much pressure to have immediate results, to answer that text, to come up with all of the information at your fingertips. But you don't have to. You can take a pause, step back and the problem that seems so big on Monday, when you go in the next morning after a good night's sleep, working out at the gym, you find it's really pretty easy to overcome that obstacle.

Another step in this process could be visualization. You've got to see it in order to achieve it. And so when you think about that it's crafting where does your business want to go? Where do you personally want to be in your career in five years? And thinking about that and painting the picture. Write about it in a journal. Create a vision board. Do a PowerPoint presentation if you're so inclined and in it have the kind of representation of where you want to go, paint the picture, describe it as much as possible. And then it will help you take the right steps to capture that vision and make it your reality.

Shira Miller

An award-winning communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller focuses on identifying and developing best-case possibilities for companies and their people. Shira currently serves as chief communications officer at the N...

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