What Makes a Successful Advertising Campaign?

Know your goals to determine ROI.


Candace Dixon-Horne, general manager at Hog Radio, shares why advertising and branding are so critical in today’s marketplace.

“There's so much branding being put in front of everyone everywhere they go, that you have to do something in order to survive,” she says.

Watch the video to hear insights for creating a successful ad campaign. 

- ROI is determined by the goals of your advertising campaign.
- Decide whether your campaign is focused on branding or a call-to-action.
- The competition for customer attention is fierce, so advertising is a must.

    A successful advertising campaign really depends on someone's goals, and determining your ROI determines what your goals were. Is it a branding campaign, or is it a call-to-action campaign?

    A call-to-action is an intense, there's a sale this weekend or an event and you want to… or maybe you're highlighting a particular item on a special price point and you can track, did that item move? Did people take advantage of it?

    But branding, you're going to notice more of an increase in web inquiries, the preshoppers, the tire-kickers, if you will. You can see that in your analytics. On your social, are you getting more likes all the sudden? Monitoring where your advertising is, and then what other sub results you get, you know. Are you seeing an increase in foot traffic? People are curious. They've heard the message.

    I've seen often people are like, "Oh, I didn't know you were here," and it's a business that's been there two or three years. You know? Or, "I've heard of you, but I just never got by here."

    It's a double-edged sword. You can't really afford to advertise, but you know you must. People, there's so much content and competition for attention in today's world. Every other car on the road is wrapped. Everyone's got a logo on their shirts. There's so much branding being put in front of everyone everywhere they go, that you have to do something in order to survive.

    Candace Dixon-Horne

    Over the last 21 years Candace Dixon-Horne has worked with local businesses to customize marketing messages, ad campaigns and budgets to help them grow. Candace served two corporate radio groups in Northwest Arkansas until December 20...

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