What It Means to Run Simple

How are you simplifying business for the consumer?


In his backstage interview at Leadercast Live 2015, CEO of SAP Bill McDermott reveals one of his leadership tenants. To Bill, it’s important to keep things simple for his followers and SAP’s consumers.

“I really believe it's authentic to our brand to help businesses run better. Better to me means simple,” Bill says.

Watch this video featuring Bill and learn why a multinational corporation simplifies their workflow.

I'm always saying run simple, because I really believe it's authentic to our brand to help businesses run better. Better to me means simple. That's not because we stopped doing complex things, or sophisticated things. On the contrary. The world's a more complex sophisticated place now than it’s ever been.

But it doesn't matter if you can provide that to a consumer in a simple consumable and beautiful experience. I think the world has changed really well towards consumer, and the consumer now is driving all the activity in the business. So we're in a consumer to business economy and that consumer rules and you got to keep it simple for that consumer. You’ve just got to be an easy simple company to do business with. So my main thing is run simple.

Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott was appointed co-CEO of SAP alongside Jim Hagemann Snabe on February 7, 2010. He was then promoted to sole CEO (the first American in the company's history) in 2014. In this capacity, and also as a member of the executi...

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