What Excuse Is Stopping You?

Are excuses blocking your individual goal-setting process?


Personal fitness trainer and coach Darian Moorman leads both his clients and his co-trainers at Iron Tribe Fitness. In this video, Darian talks about how excuses are the #1 reason many individuals don't reach their goals. Goal setting takes determination, commitment and perseverance. Excuses, or our attempt to justify reasons for not setting goals, not only hinder our achievement of goals, but can become habitual in our leadership—or lack of leadership.

Overcoming the habit of making excuses begins with realizing that we have the ability to make choices; those who consistently achieve their goals "make time for the things in their lives that matter most," says Darian. Often, pursuing an important goal may require giving up or postponing other commitments that may not be as vital during certain seasons of your life. Listen as Darian shares the significance of setting goals and how to overcome the habit of excuses.

There are lots of excuses why people don't seek goals or try to even reach their goals. Some of the common ones that I hear here at the gym are, "I don't have the time to work out." "I'm so busy. You don't know what my schedule is like." "I travel all the time." When I hear those things, all they are, are excuses. People make time for what they want to do. You make time when you want to go out and do things, the things that you like to do. But the key is to make things, or make time for the things that you have to do, the things that are important to get you to reach your goals. That's another reason why you need to set that goal. To see if you can cancel out the things that are not important and then you can include the things that are important to you. So time is one of those things that people throw out a lot. Another thing that people throw out a lot is a skillset. They say, "I don't have the skills to be able to to reach or acquire the goals that I really want to attain." You can always develop, you can always develop yourself and that's one of our core values, we develop ourselves to help others reach their potential. So when someone comes to me with these array of excuses, how I sit down and I speak with them is "How much do you value your fitness and health?" And when a person values something so deeply and when they value something so highly and it's very important to them, and they will do and they will go beyond and above whatever it takes to reach that goal.

Darian Moorman

My name is Darian Moorman. I am from Marietta, Georgia and played football in high school and received a football scholarship at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. I met my beautiful girl at Samford and she actually married me. She...

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