What Breaks Your Heart?

Can good come from a broken heart?


As Andy Stanley, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries, points out, some of the most influential leaders and brands we know today were formed from a broken heart.

Andy shares that "every significant non-profit that has made an impact in the world, and most social movements that have impacted the world, began with a broken-hearted leader." He provides examples of leaders such as Bob Pierce who founded World Vision and Linda and Millard Fuller who founded Habitat for Humanity, who put their broken hearts into action and changed the world.

Watch this video on how a broken heart inspires one person to inspire others.

What breaks your heart? Every significant non-profit that has made an impact in the world and most social movements that have impacted the world began with a broken-hearted leader. Someone whose heart was so broken over an issue, someone whose heart was so broken over what was happening in their community, their school system, their city, their community, their world, that they decided something has to be done and they decided not to take no for an answer, that this is an extremely important question for all of you. What breaks your heart? It's why Dr. King was in Boston. Had this cush teaching job, kind of had it all going on, everything is worked out and safe and sound, but what was happening in the south broke his heart. He took his leadership skills and he came south and changed our world. It's the story of Bob Pierce who was in China, visiting China, and a mom who can't afford a child hands him her child and says, “I can't afford this child.” He had five dollars and gave her five dollars and gave her the child back and it changed her world. He thought to himself, “If I can do this, other people can do this.” He came back to the United States. His heart was broken, and he launched what would become world vision, four million children in over a hundred countries because of one broken-hearted leader. What breaks your heart? It's the story of Linda and Millard Fuller who decided it's ridiculous that people can't afford homes and that the underprivileged and the poor people in the world will never ever own a home unless something changes. So they got some money together and some friends together and they built a house. They put someone in a house they could not afford and showed them how to afford it. And then they built another one, and then they built another one and eventually their organization came to be known what we call Habitat for Humanity. They're all over the world. I think over 800,000 homes, they have either fixed up or built for people who would never own a home, all because of a broken heart. What breaks your heart? For all of you who are going, “That's great. I like that first question better because I think I can make more money with that first question. Can we go back to the first question for just a second?” I know what you're thinking. How about this guy, Blake Mycoskie? Do you know who this guy is? Blake Mycoskie is a young entrepreneur, he's in Argentina on vacation and he sees all these kids running around barefoot. He starts asking questions and he finds out that running around barefoot as a kid can create problems for you as an adult, especially in that culture. When he came back to the United States of America he began a for-profit company that makes shoes. Then he created this new idea that we've all heard of now but it started with him in terms he made it famous, this whole idea of a business model built around one for one. You buy one of my products, I'll give one away to somebody who can't afford it. We know it as Tom’s Shoes but the company is Tom’s. Last year he sold half the company. It was valued, the entire company was valued at 625 or 630 million dollars. A for-profit company born from a broken-hearted leader who thought, “Something must be done about that. I think I'll go home and do it.” They also announced last year that for every year going forward they are going to release a new-one-for one product. Every time somebody buys one, somebody in some part of the world gets one for free. So leaders, if you want to figure out that thing that creates the context for bold leadership in your context, you've got to have an answer to the question: What breaks your heart?

Andy Stanley

Leadership communicator, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries Andy Stanley inspires tens of thousands of people. Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, leading six churches in the Atlan...

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