Webinar: Why Quality Conversations Matter


Communication is a given in leadership. Leaders communicate all the time, but oftentimes may worry more about the content of the conversation—the what—and forget about the how or why. In this presentation, digital activist Daniela Campari shares how a diagnosis of cancer helped her realize why the quality of communication matters as much the content. Watch to learn how to ensure your communication helps to build stronger relationships with the people you lead. 

By watching you'll discover the answers to five key questions:
1. Am I truly present?
2. Is my communication relevant to my audience?
3. How would my audience rate the quality of my communication?
4. Why should people listen to what I have to say?
5. How do I know if I've truly connected with someone?

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Daniela Campari

Daniela Campari–Hand is an accomplished marketing, innovation and global expansion executive. As a digital activist Daniela has held a number of C-suite marketing and business expansion roles in companies such as Mars/Wrigley and The ...

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