Webinar: The Happy Hour Effect


You know what it takes to drive growth for yourself and build awesome relationships, but you also face the ongoing stress of owning your career goals, playing well with others and keeping your personal life on track. Whew! This constant pressure impacts how you show up as a leader and your own growth. In this webinar, Kristen Brown—business and lifestyle futurist, keynote speaker and best-selling author—discusses the powerful mental and physical shifts that happen during happy hour.

1. Understand how stressors and energizers impact your leadership and performance.
2. Identify five ways to maintain momentum even when work and life get hard.
3. Upgrade your energy to improve communication and become more influential with clients and co-workers.

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Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown uses her 15 years in corporate marketing, sales leadership and research in human behavior to motivate busy professionals to drive growth and tap into their power potential, even during times of change and stress. Kristen...

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