Webinar: The Art of Networking and Professional Branding


Networking is considered a business essential, but how many times have you walked away from a networking opportunity with nothing to show from it? As leaders, we need to know more than the value of networking—we must learn how to do it effectively for ourselves, our teams and our businesses. 

In this webinar session, Nkrumah Pierre, director of business development and Friends of the Firm Program at EisnerAmper, explains what you need to do after a networking conversation and how to grow your network. 

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how to network effectively: working a room, follow up and email etiquette, and “closing the loop.”
- Discover how to leverage and engage your network effectively via social media.
- Find tips for interacting and networking with your colleagues and/or peers.
- Determine your personal brand.

You can download the slides HERE.

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Nkrumah Pierre

Nkrumah Pierre is a director with EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm (FoF). He provides support to clients seeking to hire accounting, finance and human resources executives. In addition, through the FoF program, Nkrumah offers a uniqu...

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