Webinar: The 7 Areas of Clarity and the Steps You Must Take to Keep It a Priority


Clarity plays an essential role in the health of a team. As leaders, it's our job to provide a clear understanding of our goals, vision, purpose and mission to those who rely on us. In this webinar, Glen Jackson, co-founder of marketing communications agency Jackson Spalding and author of Preeminence: What It Means and How to Sustain It, discusses the importance of clarity in leadership. He covers the seven critical areas of clarity, in addition to some critical steps to take to ensure your clarity remains laser sharp. Clarity is easier said than done. The preeminent leader does it, which makes clarity and preeminence intertwined, inextricably linked. Register to take part in this webinar!

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the seven key areas of clarity.
2. Discover tangible steps to ensure your clarity is maintained and nurtured.
3. Understand why the preeminent leader sees clarity as her/his best friend and what a key litmus test is for being seen as truly preeminent in business.

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Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson co-founded Jackson Spalding in 1995. He provides leadership for the agency, many of its clients and organizations looking for inspiration. He has special expertise in real estate, professional services, crisis communicat...

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