Webinar: Navigating Challenging Cultural Conversations

How should you handle difficult cultural situations?

We are living in challenging times from a cultural standpoint. Many leaders struggle to properly understand cultural distinctions, nuances and sensitivities. Some leaders may have unnecessarily alienated others and lost influence due to lack of understanding on how to successfully navigate challenging cultural issues and conversations. Some, through something they may have said or done, have lost the trust of their superiors, subordinates, partners or clients. Others, in more extreme situations, may have lost their vocations.

In this webinar, you will learn the specific steps you must take in order to succeed in challenging cultural situations and conversations.

1. Discover seven things you must know about any culture before engaging with it or its people.
2. Understand the five rules of engagement to properly relate with people from different cultures.
3. Learn the three vital steps you must take when discussing sensitive cultural issues with those who are different from you.


Ricardo González

Ricardo González is the founder and CEO of Bilingual America, a nationally respected cultural and language training institute established in 1992. He is the developer of several corporate training courses including Success with Hispan...

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