Webinar: Leading With Spark

People will follow a leader who fosters a culture of trust. Forward-thinking leaders must create a culture that engages heads, hearts and hands to drive results. This is especially important during the inevitable change the team will face. As business changes at the speed of light, leaders must understand how to lead their people through transition periods and help them choose to grow on a daily basis.

You can find the courage to make the best decisions that positively impact the employee, customer, and organization. In this webinar, author, instructor and executive coach Simon T. Bailey will show leaders how to inspire their team members to buy into the change and keep them driven every day.

During this webinar you will:

  • Understand the mindset of cheetahs and hippos and why both are important in the midst of change.
  • Find your spark and personal conviction to positively impact your team members.
  • Learn to motivate through understanding a team member’s appreciation language.
  • Discover a simple tool called “upgrade the skill and infuse the will.”


Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is a breakthrough strategist and former sales director of Disney Institute. He equips leaders and organizations with the mindset, skillset to will-set to be fearless and create the future. His popular LinkedIn Learning...

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