Webinar: Improving Your Leadership Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Quotient, or EQ, is proven to be even more important to leadership success than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). But what is EQ, really? In this instructive webinar you will explore the behaviors that underlie each of the four EQ competencies. You’ll even get a sense of where and how you can improve your leadership EQ. 

Led by Julie Scher and Anne Sandberg, managing partners of Harrison Assessments, this webinar dives into the success and failures of leadership through the lens of the four EQ competencies. You’ll learn how to break down and evaluate your own patterns of behavior against the EQ model and backdrop and gain skills to improve your leadership the next day.

After this session, you will understand:

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness
  • The behaviors that underlie each of the four EQ competencies
  • How to measure and develop your emotional intelligence

Julie Scher

Julie Scher is managing partner of Harrison Assessments. Julie’s specialties include working with individuals, students and corporate teams to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth. Julie combines her exten...

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