Webinar: Human Connection with Balanced Accountability


Speaker Hernani Alves has over 20 years as a Sales Executive for a $4 Billion Company which was voted as a Best Company to work. He has motivated Executives, Sales Professional, Distribution Centers, and Corporate teams throughout the United States. Hernani calls himself the “Chief Motivation Officer”, “If you’re not motivating or inspiring others, you’re not a leader”. Hernani knows how to build world-class teams and institute sustainable change in varying economic climates.

Today, Hernani is the founder of Balanced IQ – a consulting firm that helps business leaders; Win the Hearts of their employees to maximize their true potential. Hernani gets to deliver his experiences that you shouldn’t do and the great experiences that have gotten the BEST results.

Learn 3 Leaderships Secrets to Win Hearts and Maximize Performance!  

3Ps of Accountability:

  • Personal
  • Positive
  • Performance

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