Webinar: How to Evolve in a Turbulent Work World

We all have an incredible capacity to change and evolve our talent throughout our lives. Whether you are harnessing it or not, a talent evolution lives in you. In times where change is accelerating, what is viewed as stable—whether it be a career field or company—can quickly destabilize under our feet, sometimes overnight. In the work world we live in today, simply working incredibly hard won’t be enough to thrive within the belly of constant change. You will need to remain awake and active to your own talent evolution—for career survival, quality of life and to lead with lasting impact.

In this webinar, leadership consultant Amy Balog brings her decade of experience working with executive leaders who were considered high potential in their organizations, yet were very much experiencing a crushing wall in their careers, lives and in their leadership effectiveness. By understanding the power of unpacking three key areas that propel true potential, they found the capacity to reignite their talent evolution for themselves and those they lead.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what it takes to shape a real talent identity.
  • Know how learning and unlearning is vital for your evolution.
  • Discover how connection is the game changer.

> Download the slides HERE.

Amy Balog

As an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker, Amy wakes up every morning and pursues her passionate mission to show the world we can lead from our center not our circumstances. Amy’s clients’ experience a journey to discove...

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