Webinar: How to Communicate With Anyone

You can’t lead others well until you learn how to lead yourself first. That’s why for 2018, Leadercast wants to equip you with all the tools you need in Leading Yourself well. In this webinar, entrepreneur, coach and best-selling author Duane Cummings will focus on one of the key qualities leaders must learn before leading others: communication. Join him as he shares some of the ups and downs of his own personal leadership journey and the key elements that led him to become the leader he is today. 

In this webinar, you will:
- Learn what a proper leadership foundation looks like. 
- Discover how to effectively communicate with anyone. 
- Realize why asking better questions is the answer. 


Duane Cummings

Duane Cummings lives life with a single purpose, “To Aid Others, Act on Ideas, and Achieve Sensational Results.” He is a trusted advisor to organizations and individuals around the world regarding professional and personal development...

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