Webinar: How to Be an Emotionally Sound Leader


What creates dynamic leadership? Knowledge and skill set aren’t what help great leaders win with their teams. Rather, it’s their emotional intelligence (EI): choosing self-awareness, emotional agility and resiliency in the midst of the challenging situations life throws our way and the messy emotions that come with it. Research is clear that high EI is the single most important factor in developing an engaged and effective team. This is especially important in work environments in the midst of change.

In this session, executive coach Dr. Leslie Nwoke shares the key to becoming a more conscious and emotionally intelligent leader, and leaves listeners with three big ideas on how to improve self-awareness and team interactions.

Learning Objectives
- Learn how to define the emotionally intelligent leader. 
- Discover why vulnerability and transparency are tenets of powerful leadership.
- Know how to win the hearts of your team by connecting to the emotions that drive their behavior.

Download the slides: http://bit.ly/2NOuW3Q

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Dr. Leslie Nwoke

Dr. Leslie Nwoke is a physician, executive coach and speaker. She is creator of HeartWork Now, the online personal development platform offering courses and video on emotional management for individuals businesses. She has a diverse b...

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