Webinar: Going Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility by Leading With Noble Purpose

Has your organization defined its Noble Purpose?

Many people believe doing good in the world and making money are conflicting ideals; that belief is wrong. In our next Leadercast Now webinar, best-selling business author Lisa Earle McLeod reveals why organizations that have a Noble Purpose—in which they honestly and earnestly strive to improve the lives of their customers—outperform their competition. 

Join Lisa as she takes you beyond traditional corporate social performance models to show you how to:

- Name and claim a Noble Purpose for your organization
- Leverage your purpose to drive revenue and market share
- Improve emotional engagement and competitive differentiation

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Lisa McLeod

Lisa McLeod began her career at Procter & Gamble, where she was a sales leader, sales managers, and sales training. She went on to become the Vice-President of Vital Learning --an international training company - before founded he...

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