Webinar: Every Leader Has a Voice. Discover Yours.

When a leader truly understands their voice it leads to increased self-awareness and confidence, deeper relational trust, true collaboration where every voice is heard, honest conversations, more robust decision-making, and greater alignment and team performance. Join this informative webinar led by Dan Frey, partner and founding member of GiANT Worldwide, to learn how to find your voice as a leader.

In this webinar, you will:
- Identify your foundational leadership voice.
- Recognize the characteristics of other voices.
- Build confidence in using your foundational leadership voice.
- Commit to applying your leadership insights.
- Embrace the power of your voice.

*Download and print the handout you'll need for this webinar HERE.

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Dan Frey

Dan Frey is a Partner and one of the founding members of GiANT Worldwide, a company committed to developing leaders worth following. Twelve years of Dan’s 25-year career were between Product Specialist, Sales Management, and National ...

Take Action

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