Webinar: Defining Success, Redefining Failure

If success is subjective, why does its pursuit seem nearly universal? Why is it that most people want to be successful, but everyone rarely agrees on what success actually looks like. How do you hit a target that keeps moving? Nobody "makes" it overnight. Every successful person has experienced failure along their way. So what's the formula to success? Is it a law of numbers or is it a game of patience and precision?

In this interactive program, disruption coach Gregory Offner explores seven key traits that all successful people possess. Greg will also explain how you can develop them in yourself and why failure is an essential part of the journey.

In this webinar, you will learn...

• The 7 key traits of successful people.

• Techniques to reframe any situation

• How to use disruption and failure as a competitive advantage

• Your own definition of success and how to get there

Download his slides.

Gregory Offner

Gregory Offner Jr., ARM is a keynote speaker, disruption coach, and talented workshop facilitator. With a background of 17 years in corporate sales leadership and 12 years as a dueling piano player, Greg brings insight and perspective...

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