Webinar: Creating a Delegation Culture in Your Workplace


The role of a leader isn’t to be a proficient doer, but rather to empower others to be better doers. That requires delegation.

As leaders, we all need to delegate more, and better. With effective delegation, we can clear our plates of the wrong work, focus on doing what’s most important (things that we are uniquely equipped and tasked to achieve), reduce stress in the workplace and go home at a decent hour. We also want to empower our people and strengthen the leadership pipeline within our company or organization.

The best way to achieve this is to change the current culture to promote more delegation. Our culture sets the tone for expectations and behaviors in our workspace. When we as leaders think seriously about how we can delegate more, while encouraging others to request tasks and responsibilities that will help both us and them, we can create a “delegation culture” that prioritizes efficiency and empowerment, scales engagement and profit, and reduces workplace stress.


  • Discuss primary reasons to delegate, as well as key inhibitors that prevent us from doing so more often
  • Identify the “right” jobs to delegate and the ones we need to hold on to
  • Key factors in increasing employee engagement, including empowerment
  • Learn what workplace culture is and how we can change it
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Naphtali Hoff

Naphtali Hoff, Psy.D., is an executive coach and president of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. He is author of "Becoming the New Boss," which guides those in new leadership roles through their first days on the job. He is an accom...

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