Virtual Teams Allow for Organizational Change

How should you lead a virtual team?


Is your organization thinking about hiring virtual employees or a new virtual team? Pamela McClinton, doctoral candidate at Argosy University, studies and researches virtual teams and has been a virtual leader for more than 10 years. In this video, Pamela says that virtual teams are here to stay, and that organizational leaders should consider approaching virtual teams as a change initiative.

What does she mean by that? When managing change, leaders can set the tone and guide team members by sharing the benefits as well as the challenges that may come with a change initiative. Often, a change includes expansion -- and virtual teams can be an effective and efficient way to grow an organization. Approaching an expansion to virtual teams as a change initiative can help leaders plan and prepare themselves and their teams to meet industry demands.

Discover how virtual teams can help drive organizational change and growth.

Business leaders are beginning to recognize that virtual teams are here to stay. The advantages of having the ability to procure an incredible skill set, the flexibility, along with the fact that you have the ability to extend your organization globally if you have team members in other locations, it's undeniable that you can have an incredible impact and grow your business significantly. I think if you were a business leader who was new to a virtual team, or you were concerned about whether or not you should build a virtual team, I think one of the best things to do with virtual teams is to look at virtual teams as an organizational change, as a change initiative. Because with any change, and all organizations go through change, you will have to adapt to the things that your clients will require over the long term. And as your clients want different services, as they require longer hours, you may have to involve remote employees or consider a virtual team, even if it's within your location but having people work remotely. That would be an option so that you could meet your clients' demand.

Pamela McClinton

Having served in various leadership roles, Pamela McClinton, Ed.D., advocates for transformational and servant leadership above and beyond managerial duties. With her Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership at Argosy U...

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