Understanding People’s Motives

How difficult is it to forgive people in the workplace?

Deadrick Leonard is a Global Transformational Speaker and advocate for foster and homeless youth.  He has faced many difficult situations in his life, and is dedicated to sharing his experiences to help educate and empower others. In this video, Deadrick acknowledges that conflict in the workplace is common; it’s what we do after the conflict that defines our personal and professional leadership.  


So what does Deadrick recommend from his own path that has helped him deal with difficult situations and people?  “Get clarity on the other person’s motive,” says Deadrick. “Your goal is understanding why whatever was done was done, or why it was said, or why it was taken a certain way.  Once you get to that point, forgiveness is easier to give … and accept.”


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Deadrick Leonard

Deadrick Leonard is a Global Transformational Speaker, entrepreneur, advocate for foster and homeless youth, youth minister, and entertainer who doesn't mind sharing his messes in exchange for your education, empowerment, and entertai...

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