Turning Scars into Stars

How can you lead "Beyond You'" to help others thrive?

How can you use your time, skills and talents to impact those "beyond you?" During the Leadercast Live 2016, "Architects of Tomorrow" event, David Kirika shares the powerful story of how one organization -- Compassion International -- completely changed his life. Out of a difficult childhood, David learned to thrive as his sponsors from Compassion championed his life, "turning his scars into stars." Leadercast Live 2016 sponsor, Compassion International, exists as an advocate for children, to release them from their economic, social, and physical poverty. Compassion and its leadership recognize that poverty is not just a matter of economics; poverty is a complex problem and requires a comprehensive solution. Discover the impact that "ordinary heroes" can have on another person by listening to David's insightful story. You can see other videos about leading with a "Beyond You" style on Leadercast Now. Look under the topics "Beyond You" and "Ethical Leadership." If you have a passion for helping young people become leaders, visit the non-profit organization Compassion International at http://www.compassion.com/
Thank you. I grew up in the southern part of Kenya. I'm a leader in Nairobi, Kenya, where I stay now. As a child, my parents lived in a one-room house. When I was 2 years old, my parents separated and life was very hard on us financially. At the age of 7, things become even more difficult. In 18 months I lost three family. I lost my small brother Patrick, I lost my mom, and I lost my stepdad. I had to move in with my grandparents, where we were 12 of us living in a two-room house, and when I talk about a two-room house, I want you to imagine an American bedroom divided into two. That was our two-room house, the 12 of us. Food was hard to come by and often went without. For two years I didn't have shoes. I walked barefooted, and at this point, life was unbearable. But then things started changing for me through an amazing program. My mentors, Neal and Wendy Joseph chose to invest in me through a child forecast organization called Compassion. It's because of them that today I'm standing in front of you. It's because of my sponsors that not only did I go to school, but I was accepted in Compassion, their Leadership Development Program, graduated at the top of my class from university, and now a leader and a founder of a company in Kenya mentoring young men. When you sponsor a child, when you invest in a child in poverty, you make a significant impact in their life. Because of one person who loved me, because of one person who sacrificed for me, because of one person who believed in me so much, today I'm able to address you, top leaders in the world. Neal and Wendy Joseph changed my scars into stars. As you think of architects of tomorrow, know that there are so many young people who are just like me, waiting for someone like you to invest in them. Today you have an opportunity to invest in a child through Compassion and change their scars into stars as you teach them how to become visionary leaders. Thank you so much.

Compassion International

Compassion International is a Leadercast sponsor whose mission is to release the children of the world from poverty and lead them to become responsible and fulfilled adults.

Compassion International is a worldwide ministry where mill...

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