True Empowerment Goes Beyond Permission

Are you giving others the power to succeed?


Empowering employees is a phrase that’s used quite a bit these days, but are we truly giving people the power to succeed? Gary Schneeberger, founder and president of ROAR, provides important input regarding what genuine empowerment really looks like, and why it’s worth our time to invest in those we lead. Empowerment increases employee satisfaction, employee engagement and individual/team performance. It’s a valuable leadership quality that takes both intention and attention.

A word we hear a lot in leadership circles is "empowering" people to do X, Y and Z. That means something more than just saying, "You get to work on this project," because that's not empowering someone at all. It's giving them permission to go off and do something. But to empower someone, you actually have to give them the power to succeed. You actually have to find out what they do know, don't know, need to know, what you can teach them, what maybe you can't teach them and someone else can teach them. You have to work with them.

True empowerment requires an investment of time before someone's turned loose. You don't walk off out of high school, in most cases, and go play in the NFL. You have an apprenticeship period. You have to learn, you have to play in college, you've got practices, you have those kind of things. Empowerment's the same way. You need to take time to make sure that you're imparting power, that you're truly giving them the tools that they need so that they can turn around and then go out and achieve success when you do turn them loose.

Gary Schneeberger

Gary Schneeberger's three decades in journalism and public relations fuel his passion for, and success in, strategic marketing and communications.

Gary is founder and president of ROAR, a full-service boutique communications a...

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