Training to Retain Talent

Are you devoting time and resources to your team members?


Steve Blair, vice president of people, culture and operations at Harvest Group, shares why leaders must invest in the personal development of their team members in order to retain them. 

“[Leaders must strive to help] folks achieve or at least realize what they want to achieve in terms of their own personal growth, which will obviously benefit the company,” says Steve, noting that developing and investing in others is a never-ending part of being a leader. He shares ways in which a company should incentivize its employees to remain competitive in the market and ensure team members don’t feel cheated and tempted to look elsewhere.

Watch the video to hear from Steve about training and retaining talent. 

- Never stop training to retain your people.
- Regularly assess your benefits packages to ensure you are competitive in the marketplace.
- Help your people realize what they want to achieve in their own personal growth.

I don't think you ever fully switch back and forth between training and retaining. At least in my experience, you never stop training and you never stop retaining.

In our organization, our organizational strategy is to offer a competitive pay program, a competitive base and bonus, but to offer an unrivaled overall benefits package. And that doesn't just include when they first join the organization. We want that unrivaled feel of that benefits package to be throughout their entire career, which is really focused on retaining that top talent that we are so blessed and lucky to get to recruit into the organization.

So I think it's an and all the time. It's always helping folks achieve or at least realize what they want to achieve in terms of their own personal growth, which will obviously benefit the company. And that never stops. So the training piece is ongoing, and the retaining piece is ongoing. It's an incredibly competitive marketplace, and you can offer the greatest vacation benefit in the marketplace, but if you don't keep up with the marketplace in other areas, you're going to lose talent. And so I would say it's a full-time job in both aspects all the time.

Steve Blair

Steve Blair is vice president of people and culture at Harvest Group, where he is passionate about bringing personality into the workplace with an understanding of the value of culture and customer experience, and the importance of ex...

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