Tips for Great Virtual Meetings

How can you improve your professional presence in remote meetings?

Pamela McClinton, doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at Argosy University, studies virtual teams and highlights several tips that virtual employees an employ when meeting with others using video conference. Virtual team members want to convey just as much presence and input in meetings held remotely as they contribute when in a traditional office meeting. Yet, some things stand out far more on video than in a traditional conference room. In this video, Pamela highlights the things that virtual team members can do to make their presence professional during a video conference meeting. Learn how you can elevate your presence in a virtual meeting by learning these tips for great virtual meetings. Watch this and other videos on training and development today on Leadercast!
When you're a virtual leader, you're going to want to communicate with your virtual team, Or if you're a remote employee, communicate with the rest of your team members. Regardless of the remote platform that you use for video conferencing, I think there are a few tips that you're going to want to follow. The first tip is to make sure that your camera is at eye level. I think that so many people put their laptop right on the table. You're looking right up at their face and they don't realize that instead, they want to see you at eye level. They want to have a conversation with you. That means that you want to have that camera at eye level so that they are seeing you face to face in the video window. The second tip is for lighting. I think that so many times in our offices, we may have fluorescent lighting or a lamp that's overhead. That overhead lamp shines very brightly on the top of your head and it does not illuminate your face. When you're sharing with your team, you want to make sure that you either choose a natural light bulb or some type of light fixture that is in front of you. That light is going to shine on your face. It's going to illuminate you so that people can see you and they're not seeing shadows or dark shapes around your face. The third tip that I would say is to make sure you understand what you're doing when you're not talking because so many times when you're not talking, you could be chewing gum. You could be looking at your computer instead of the camera. You could also be drinking. While those things don't really stand out when you're in a traditional meeting, they are very distracting in a virtual meeting. You want to make sure that when you're not speaking in a virtual meeting that you're engaged with your participants, you're engaged with your team and that you're looking into the camera so that they see you. You want to make sure that you're smiling and you want to make sure that they are able to communicate and participate with you as well.

Pamela McClinton

Having served in various leadership roles, Pamela McClinton, Ed.D., advocates for transformational and servant leadership above and beyond managerial duties. With her Doctor of Education degree in Organizational Leadership at Argosy U...

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