Three Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Are you intentional about reaching your goals?


Setting goals requires consistent actions to focus both our attention and intention. In this video, Kim Butler, founder of the Whiteboard Room and business coach to creative professionals. shares three foundational steps that will help you identify and define your goals (including stretch goals!), as well as push yourself to achieve them – once and for all. Discover these steps from Kim, then take the action items* to begin implementing your goal-setting strategies today!

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So in any goal I think there are certain steps that everyone can take regardless of what your goal is and one is to write it down. That seems really simple and kind of silly, but it's an act that a lot of people don't actually take, to just sit down and put your pen to your paper and write down what your goal is.

So many people have their goals and they write them down and then New Year’s comes around and you write down your goals and you stick them in your drawer and its almost like a wish or a prayer.

But are you doing anything with them or did they sit in a drawer all year? Did you look back at the end of the year and say "Well, did any of these happen?" They might have, some of them might have happened, because you had framed your focus around that. Really what would have happened if you looked at these on a regular basis?

I encourage my clients to look at their monthly goals on a daily basis, and every month to take a look back at their yearly goals. It takes a minute to read over your few goals for the year everyday, and that makes a huge difference because it orients us. It orients us towards what we are going towards.

It's not very risky to have a goal, write it down, look at it everyday and you're the only person who knows about it. It's a little bit more scary when someone else knows that there's a goal you're trying to reach and they are pushing you.

The best leaders become the best leaders because they're willing to be vulnerable and they're willing to fail. We can't fail if we never challenge ourselves to push a little further. To set a goal its a little bit hard for us, to set something that might be a little bit out of reach and be willing to try.

When people start goal setting, the tendency is to set the bar really low. I encourage people to fail hard and to fail fast. Because when you fail hard and you fail fast you really learn what your reality is and what your potential is, especially when you're truly being intentional about what you're doing.

So if you're going to set goals from beginning, set them high. Set the goal high. Don't be crazy. You're not going to the moon tomorrow, but set your goals high and see is it possible because it might be.

It might be possible for you to reach that and then what? But if you set the bar low, then you're probably going to achieve it and then the next time be a little bit higher, but what's possible if you push for the best? What's possible if you push the limits?

Those are the three things that I would say help anyone achieve their goal. It's writing your goals down, looking at them on a regular basis, and having accountability to your goals and that is going to help you achieve any goal that you set.


Kim Butler

Founder of the Whiteboard Room and business coach to creative professionals rising to the top of their industries, Kim Butler makes it her daily mission to propel entrepreneurs and brands into their full potential for greatness.

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