3 Keys to Great Meetings

How much time are you wasting in unproductive meetings?


According to research by project- and issue-tracking software company Atlassian, 47 percent of workers say meetings are the biggest time-waster of their work week. But sometimes people have to get together to get things done. How can you fight the inefficiency and run more productive meetings? 

Sean Monahan, creative director at L.A.’s Westside Corporate Creativity, works with dozens of leading companies to help them improve productivity and employee engagement through the application of improvisation principles. In this video, Sean offers three keys to improving the way we lead and participate in meetings.

The three things I think make a good meeting are, one, setting expectations at the top of the meeting, knowing exactly what you're going to get out of it, and sticking just to that. Two, focusing on energy, getting the participants at the top of the meeting to be energetic and excited to be there. It could be a simple as doing a warm-up. It could be as simple as getting people to switch chairs a few times during the course of the meeting, recognizing that the more we move around, the more we get our blood going, the more blood and oxygen goes to our brain, and that's what we're trying to really activate.

The third one is to just get people focused on building on each other's ideas, because if they can do that, if the meeting can be about us having energy around sharing opinions and ideas, and it's about the ideas, then we can avoid the pitfall of, "Here's what I think," "No, here's what I think," and now suddenly we're fighting and not getting anywhere.

So in your next meeting, if you just remember three bullet points, and that's set expectations at the top, focus on energy and the energy in the room and making it positive, and really focus on building on each other's ideas.

Sean Monahan

Sean Monahan is a co-owner of M.i. Productions (parent company of the nationally renowned Mission iMPROVable and M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater) and a Senior Instructor for Business Improvisations who travels the country leading works...

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