Think Big Picture for Professional Growth

Are you looking at the big picture for you and your team?


Rachel Hadley is the President of Likeable Media, a sought-after social media agency and content marketing company headquartered in NYC. Throughout her career, Rachel says she has benefitted from leaders who have encouraged her to think big about her future. Now, as someone running a major company, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to do the same for her team.

“I think that’s why I take the [employee] review process so seriously and professional development so seriously, because I appreciate so much what [my mentors] gave to me, and I want to give that back to my team,” says Rachel.

She emphasizes in this video that each person needs to think big for his or her own future. But it’s equally as important for team leaders, who are invested in their organization’s people, to think big on behalf of those people as well. It is a “Beyond You” approach that encourages employees to consider a future for themselves that they may never have thought about, or perhaps didn’t think was within their capabilities.

Thinking big is one way for leaders to raise the bar for both their team’s performance as a whole and each individual they lead. It not only benefits the personal and professional goals of each person, but it helps push the organization toward a preferred future as well.

At Likeable, our team members are driven to the point of insanity. We think it's really important to constantly be pushing forward. Pushing forward for our own people, for professional development, pushing forward for our clients, especially in the social media space where things are constantly changing. We are always having to look for that next thing so that we can be innovative for our clients and thought leaders in our space.

Entry level, I was given opportunities that most entry-level employees wouldn't be given. And I knew that my manager was taking a risk on me. I knew that my manager saw something in me that I might not have even seen in myself at the time. And I can remember having conversations with my managers, who were always pushing me to the next level.

At one point I remember one of my managers telling me that they saw in me, the characteristic of being able to run a company one day. And really tried to push me to think bigger picture. It was something I really hadn’t thought of. I didn’t think I was interested in it. I kind of like to be the magic behind the scenes, and really help to elevate other leaders. But in hearing that, it sparked something inside of me, and made me think – maybe I can do this one day.

I think that’s why I take the review process so seriously and professional development so seriously. Because I appreciate so much what they gave to me, and I want to give that back to my team.

I was told once that goal setting, if you don't set goals, you'll never achieve them. And I thought that was a little … it was a little bit of a stretch for me. But I realized once I started setting goals that I was so passionate about reaching them that nothing could stop me.

So professional development planning requires looking ahead at what you want 10, 20 years from now, and working backward. And I think what's important about that is making sure that you have all of the key pieces in place. So if you're not thinking big picture enough, it's hard to think tactically how you can get there.

It's also on a personal level. It's just something that, to me, if you're not growing, then find the next opportunity.
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Rachel Hadley

Rachel Hadley is President of Likeable Media. In her role, Rachel oversees an amazing management team focused on growing the business and developing long-lasting client partnerships.

Prior to joining Likeable, Rachel headed up...

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