The Velcro Theory of Engaging Social Media

Can you improve social media's impact on your organizational development?


Andy Thoms, entrepreneur and founder of the public relations firm, See. Spark. Go., talks about the importance of social media for successful organizational development. Using the analogy of Velcro, the world's most popular fastening systems, Andy discusses how to ensure your organization develops engaging, authentic social media that "sticks" and how important each social post is—regardless of the channel—to your audience's understanding of your brand, your values, your culture, and more. 

Watch this video to learn how a "Beyond You" leadership approach is a great social media strategy for your brand.

So how do you take social and media and put it together? I think the best way of understanding that is through a piece of Velcro. And if you think about a piece of Velcro, it's got one side of it that is kind of fuzzy and the other side of it has a bunch of little loops.

We always say that in social media, the fuzzy side of it is going to be your audience. So there are people all over the world. And in order to connect with them, you've got to create engaging moments that will stick. And so whenever you're creating a post on social media, whether it's on Instagram, whether it's on Twitter or Facebook, we're always looking at saying, "Consider it a little loop." And when you finally have enough loops that have connected with your audience, it's at that point you can ask your audience to do something.

But, too often, a brand will come together and they say, "Hey, let's create one loop and stick it." And then they try to pull their audience with them and it just separates. But if you can get a bunch of loops together by gaining their trust, gaining their value, and understanding what they're saying, then you can begin to move your audience into the direction you want.

So social media is very social. So when you walk into a party, you don't walk in there and say, "Hey, look at me! Hey, I'm the best!" You walk in there and you understand others first. And that's pretty much how we run our social media campaigns. And understanding that the brand is there to serve. And which actually goes back to their leadership model. So if we can begin to understand each other and serve one another, it's at that point we can trust each other. And from trust, then you can have direction.


Andy Thoms

As a gifted networker and entrepreneur, Andy Thoms brings operational leadership and business development to the team at See.Spark.Go, a public relations agency he founded with his wife, Brittany, in 2007.

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