The Three Factors of Successful Leadership

Are you focusing on the right mix?

With more than 27 years of executive leadership experience, Ken Tracy shares his three top qualities for successful leadership. He discusses tactical steps; clear benchmarks; collaborative navigation; discipline, and setting expectations with the people you lead.
With any successful leader, you've got to have three qualities. Number one is planning and organization. I have found that throughout any industry that I've worked in, that if you are poor at planning and poor at organizing, you're going to fail. Second of all is implementation. You can write a plan, bring a group together and say, "Here's our plan," but the most important question they're going to ask you is, "How are we going to do it?" That's implementation. Show them how you're going to do it. Have the tactical steps and the clear path of direction for each individual employee, and I'm telling you, you'll see success. Because you're going to have clear benchmarks that you can evaluate on a daily basis of where to navigate the ship so at the end of the day it's heading in the right direction. Many people get on the ship, board it, throw up the anchor, get ready to go, and off to the sea they go. Many people forget that there's day-to-day requirement of cleaning the ship, navigating it, steering it, putting the sails up, putting the sails down, and that takes a lot of people, a lot of time and a lot of dedication. More importantly, it takes discipline. The third, and most importantly, is how you work with people. They're the core of success, and so the ability to have them on the same page with your planning and organization, on the same page as your implementation, you put all those factors together, you will find success. Many people in many organizations will focus on the planning piece, and not the implementation piece, and not the people piece. They all must go together.

Ken Tracy

Ken Tracy was appointed interim president of Cincinnati Christian University in February 2014. The Board of Trustees affirmed him for the position permanently in May 2014.

A 1988 graduate of CCU, Tracy has 27 years of financia...

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