The Mentoring Megatrend: Find the Right Mentor

Do you have a mentor in your life?


Steve Franklin estimates that he has mentored hundreds of young people throughout his career as associate dean and tenured professor at the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University in Atlanta. Steve is an author and researcher focused on interviewing and studying centenarians. 

In this video, Steve shares advice for young people that he has learned from those who have lived 100 years or more. One lesson that emerges throughout his interviews: the importance of having a mentor. 

“I’m finding that most businessmen and women today… are honored to share their wisdom and counseling to mentor younger people who are wanting to be great leaders and not just so-so,” says Steve.

Watch the video to learn more from Steve about the importance of learning and finding a mentor.

Leaders create change. They have to control complexity. Leaders are readers. You ought to be reading everything you can about leadership and management. Leaders have to learn how to empower other people. That means they have to build teams.

You are a composite of the books you read, the people you meet and the places you go. And you’d better go meet everybody you can, go to every seminar you can, take every class you can, read every book and article you can on leadership. And then, do your best to ask someone older than you, that’s been in grade longer than you, “Would you be open to mentoring me?”

And I know the mentoring megatrend has been around for a long time and I believe in mentoring, I think it’s great. I had a couple of mentors in my life, along the way, that were very, very helpful. They poured a lot of wisdom into me, and whatever. And I’m finding out that most businessmen and women today, they can’t overload on mentoring but they are delighted, they are honored to share their wisdom and counseling to mentor younger people who are wanting, who are wanting to be great leaders and not just so-so.

So try to find yourself a mentor. I’m a big, big, big, big believer in coaching, in leadership coaching. My wife is a leadership coach. My gosh, I’ve seen her both in the for-profit and the non-profit world. I love sometimes sitting, I listen in on her in a leadership coaching session, and my gosh, what she does, she asks 50 questions an hour. I always wonder if the other person on the end is still talking because she’s asking so many questions. But she is, she’s listening, taking copious notes. Because I think a lot of teaching and mentoring is asking the right questions to help a person discover their leadership abilities.

We always had a... in many companies I’ve worked in, we said, “Look, the answer’s in the room. You’ve just got to make sure you ask the right questions to get it out.” So I think those are some of the things that I would tell a young... young person, an old person, anybody at any age, to do and to be about, in developing their leadership skills and capacity.

Steve Franklin

Dr. Steve Franklin is an educator, researcher, author, and business executive. He also is a Centenarian Wannabe on a mission to "capture their wisdom and wit" and share it with younger generations. While Associate Dean and tenured pro...

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