The Key Ingredient to Fearlessness

Are you clear on your purpose?


Molly Fletcher—speaker, author and founder of The Molly Fletcher Company—explains how having a clearly defined purpose will help you be fearless in your leadership.

“There are 1,440 minutes in a day,” she says. “There are a whole lot of opportunities and a whole lot of moments in our lives when we can lean into fear, and if we do it with purpose, we can do some really, really special things.”

Watch the video to hear Molly explain how to use purpose to lean into fear.

For decades I was a sports agent, and I worked with some unbelievable people, athletes and coaches who were so good at what they did. And what I saw and why I love this theme this year so much is because they, the best of the best, the best athletes in the world were clear on their purpose. They were clear on their purpose, and, in my opinion, it allowed them to be fearless. So what the world saw for years is athletes and coaches do special things on a weekend or a Sunday on a world stage. You would watch a baseball player come out and throw strikes in game seven of a World Series. We would watch a professional golfer stand over a putt on a Sunday and drain it to win their first major. We'd watch a big-time coach call a huge play with two seconds left in a game to win it.

What I saw as a sports agent standing behind them for almost two decades was all the little moments that prepared them for the big moments. And so, for me, when we think about how can we take that mindset, how can we take the things that they did every single day and apply it to our own lives? So I did the math, and there are 1,440 minutes in a day. In other words, there are a whole lot of opportunities and a whole lot of moments in our lives when we can lean into fear. And if we do it with purpose, we can do some really, really special things.

So let's talk about how we do that. So when we think about how, I want to ask you kind of a fun, interactive question. So let's say outside, and for those of you that are not in Atlanta but in our satellite locations, pretend there are two buildings outside and they're 500 feet high and they're 500 feet apart. And I'm going to lay a plank across those two buildings. And the plank is going to be about an inch and a half thick. I'll make it about a foot and a half wide. And I'll tell you this. There is an 80% chance that you could walk from one side of the plank to the other and make it. So how many people in here would do that for $500,000? Wow, awesome. Raise your hand if you're not in Atlanta. How many people would do it for five million bucks? All right, we got some more hands.

How many people would do it if the people that you love the most, that meant the most to you in your life, were standing on the other side of that plank? How many people would do it then? Exactly.

In other words, when we have a clear purpose, it changes our behavior. When we know why we're doing what we do, it changes what we do. When we can take our purpose and align it to the work that we do, no matter what it is in your world that you wake up and do every day, and we have a clear why, anything is possible.

Molly Fletcher

Molly Fletcher is a trailblazer in every sense of the word. As a top sports agent, she was hailed as “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, representing many top athletes and negotiating more than $500 million in contracts in the high sta...

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