The Human Element of Business

John Van Vleck is founder of The Green Room Collective, which works with organizations to help bring more human-centered leadership to organizational culture, team building and creative ideation. In this video, John shares an essential component to increasing authentic employee engagement: the human element. With time constraints, customer demands, competitive markets, and other daily challenges, leaders often forget that processes, systems and metrics aren't the most important elements in an organization's success. Instead, what fosters employee engagement is the human side of corporate culture and business decisions. This is the magic created when leaders connect, collaborate and work toward a shared vision that drives employee engagement. Does your organization have a human-centered culture? Learn why the human element is vital to employee engagement, positive organizational culture and business success.


John Van Vleck

What's missing in business? Humanity. Feel. Edge that leads to something new and unique. John Van Vleck is the founder of The Green Room Collective, working with organizations to help bring these values to organizational culture, team b...

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