The First Must-Have for Creating Healthy Organizational Culture

How does your organization show that it cares about people?


Brett Trapp, former executive vice president of client experience for Booster Enterprises, reveals the importance of organizations showing they care about people to create a healthy organizational culture. 

According to Brett, leaders can't forget to be humans first while working on products, services and the business. Leaders need to express that they care about individuals and the things important to their employees like family and career. Expressing these details authentically helps team members feel valued. 

Uncover why communicating value is just as important in the workplace and shouldn't just be reserved for personal, outside of the office situations.

So a big part of building culture is really just showing that we care about people, and I'm amazed sometimes that leaders we skip past this. We get so focused on our product, our service, our organization that we forget to be humans, to just care about people.

When I hire a new team member, one thing I want them know and I say this from day one and I repeat it, I say, "Number one thing I want you to know is I care about you, I care about your family, and I care about your career." And what happens when a team member hears that and it's authentic, which it has to be, is he feels valued, she feels valued, she feels like somebody cares about her, and that's what we crave as humans.

And we oftentimes put that in the context of family, and we forget that in an organization and in business it's just as important. I do not believe there needs to be some kind of relational or emotional distance from the people that you lead. Now I've heard people train this in traditional management.

I'm a big believer in just caring about people, and when they sense that and they believe that, they will give you their best. They give 100% all the time.

I work for a leader who I know cares about me. I've worked for him for 10 years. I've never questioned that for one minute, and that creates in me this generator of hard work, where I want to in some ways make him happy because I'm doing such a good job at my craft and I'm producing results in the organization that he runs.

Brett Trapp

Brett Trapp is the former executive vice president of client experience for Booster Enterprises. Booster’s primary offering is the Boosterthon Fun Run, the preferred fitness fundraiser for America’s top schools. Boosterthon’s more tha...

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