The Effect of Goal Setting on Motivation

Does setting goals in your organization inspire action?


In this video, Joe Boyd, CEO of Rebel Pilgrim Productions, shares that the heart of setting goals must consistently be communicated to all employees throughout your organization.

Joe says that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is not taking the time to cast the vision of what the goals mean and why. Joe further encourages leaders to ensure that employees feel a sense of shared goals and accomplishments; sharing the vision is what drives motivation and employee engagement.

I've been in several organizations where goal setting was a regular part of what we did and almost everyone hated it except the C-level people. I've been in organizations where I was at that level and where I wasn't. I think one of the biggest mistakes we can make when we set goals, especially numeric goals, is that we don't take the time to cast the vision of what the goals mean. People generally, at a C-level you might be able to, but generally, people aren't thinking that way.

So when you say our goal this year is to do 100 million in revenues with the company and that's a 12% increase over the last year. So go out there and bust your butts to do $100 million and I'm getting paid to do the same no matter what. I'm your IT Director. It just feels like you're trying to make money off my back, when it's all about the money and all about these numbers.

I would just be careful that as it gets farther down in the organization, it doesn't have the opposite affect that you really want it to have. You may have those for great reasons because you want to get people raises or whatever, but you're not telling them that. The farther away people get from the CEO, from the board room, I think the more cynical they tend to become about targeted goals.

Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd is the Founder and President of Rebel Pilgrim Productions, a Cincinnati-based company that tells stories that spark people to hope and action. Rebel Pilgrim produces feature films, television programs, stage shows, web media...

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