The Challenges of Communicating a Clear Vision

Do you have an elevator pitch for communicating your vision?


Lynn Lilly, CEO and founder of Craft Box Girls, discusses what a challenge it can be for leaders to communicate their vision or mission to others.

“It is really hard as a leader to build a great message that communicates what your business is, especially if you don't fit in a mold,” says Lynn, noting that she’s written and rewritten her elevator pitch countless times after getting feedback on how her message was received.

Watch the interview to learn from Lynn about how to communicate your vision effectively.

I know it's a challenge for leaders to communicate their mission and their vision for their company. It takes work, it takes time. It takes listening and taking feedback to understand how your message is being perceived. It is really hard as a leader to build a great message that communicates what your business is, especially if you don't fit in a mold. It takes time. And it's not something that you can come up with in a few minutes, it's over and over.

We've rewritten our elevator pitch a million times. There is a whiteboard where it has been erased, word by word. And I have a different message for different people, when I speak with a female business leader versus when I speak with a male business leader. When I speak with someone who understands crafts and do-it-yourself, the message is very different than someone that's never even picked up a paintbrush.

So it's taken a lot of work on my part as a leader to learn the right communication and the right message. And we write our elevator pitches and our intros over and over again. How we can get people to understand what we are without fitting ourselves in a specific mold. I think that it's important if you have a passion, to understand how to communicate that as a leader, and then also get your team to communicate that. Because people that are on your team are your biggest brand advocates. So getting them to understand, and have the same messaging and the same communication as a leader, as you are, is very important.

Lynn Lilly

After being laid off from her big time corporate job, Lynn Lilly took her savings and decided to follow her life long passion of crafting and entertaining. The road began on a few dollars, hard work, a lot hours and a lot of creativit...

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