The Benefits of Innovation in Organizational Culture

Will your culture thrive in times of growth?

From one of the most well respected organizational cultures in the world comes this important insight for sustaining the systems, processes and people that make your organization unique.

Diana Oreck, Vice President of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, shares a behind-the-scenes look into her organization’s daily innovations and rituals.
Talking about how to keep the culture strong if you're expanding your company, especially internationally, this is where you absolutely have to have something called the systems behind the smiles. It's not enough just to have a great culture. Your employees need to have systems and processes they can rely upon.

So our culture, remember we're operating 25 counties, 44 nationalities, 17 different languages, and that daily lineup takes place religiously, 24/7, okay, around the world.

Now the other thing is this. You have to have checks and balances. How do we know here at the corporate office, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, that this is happening? It's because on the annual employee engagement survey it asks, "Are your lineups taking place 24/7?"

The other beauty of culture is the employees have come to expect this. So if there's not a lineup happening in their hotel or in their department, they're rushing to HR to say, "What happened? We didn't do lineup today."

So it's these rituals around culture that have to happen all the time. Because the one time you don't do your lineup, you know what they're thinking? Aha, you know, flavor of the month. So there are some non-negotiables you have to stay strong on.

Diana Oreck

Ms. Diana Oreck is a Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and an international advisor in corporate culture, branding, leadership, employee engagement and legendary service. She has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry ...

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