Tap the Video Vault for Bite-Sized Learning

How can you make your training and development easier?


In this video, Cameron Sparks, senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, talks about one of today's top training and development approaches that relies on fast, meaningful and just-in-time learning. Booster Enterprises takes the lead on this approach through its LMS (Learning Management System). What does LMS mean? At Booster, Cameron calls it the "video vault."

Cameron explains that learning in bite-sized chunks is not only more manageable, but allows for self-paced learning and individual assessment. As a training director, Cameron believes that the LMS training and development has transformed his organization.

Discover how implementing bite-sized learning can boost employee effectiveness, increase retention and improve training consistency.

Bite-sized learning is vital for everybody. I mean, if you were to figure out how to do something at home, what would you do? You'd get out your cellphone and go to YouTube and find the shortest video possible. So why should learning and development be any different in the business world? So, that's our mindset when it comes to learning and teaching employees how to do their job.

As the director of training in a service-based organization with a lot of young team members, leadership is vital when it comes to just empowering team members to be themselves. But also operate in a structure in within a system and to teach young team members coming out of college how to learn isn't too hard. But how to not sit in a classroom for 15 minutes, but to learn in bite-sized chunks, is important.

One way that we try to get learning across to our young employees is through our learning management system video vault, is what I call it. We place a lot of videos in there on how to do something and what to do. The biggest thing we try to do is follow team members around with a camera and then to break that up and to show, "Hey, this what you're going to be doing and this is how to do it." So, for me, to go out to a fun run and see team members I've never met, I've never spoken with, but have watched these videos and to be doing what they saw in the video, is rewarding. Ultimately what it's all about, is getting the job done, but obviously, them operating in that way.

In summary, to train a bunch of Millennials in bite-sized chunks with a lot of short videos, we're finding a lot of success in ways in which they can access our video vault, our learning management system quickly in order for them to be free in their job and to know exactly what's expected of them. It's been a huge win.


Cameron Sparks

Cameron Sparks is the senior director of training and leader development at Booster Enterprises, where he has been a team member since 2008. Before moving into the director of training role, he previously served as an experience leade...

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