6 Ways to Speak Like You Mean It

Can you use these six tools to communicate more effectively?


Melissa Gordon, founder and president of EchelonCommunicate, says that one of the best management principles you can employ as a leader is to “speak like you mean it.” Communication drives efficiency, productivity and team synergy, yet there are six ways that leaders can better communicate with their teams, clients and colleagues:

1. Be authentic.
2. Be clear.
3. Use influence.
4. Inspire.
5. Use physical and vocal energy.
6. Bring the conversation to life.

When you speak, do you feel heard? Are you consistently repeating the same thing, just trying to say it in different ways? Do you know how speak like you mean it?

Listen as Melissa reveals you how to use these principles to improve communication with your colleagues, team and customers today on Leadercast!

Over these 20 years of doing this work I've developed something called "speak like you mean it." And speak like you mean it is a framework for effective communication. It helps all of us know that it's not a huge unending array of things that we all have to do to communicate effectively. There are six things that we all must do to communicate effectively.

It is be authentic. That's the North Star. Be clear. Always be grounded in clarity. Influence, it's really all about relevance and key content now. Inspire because if we don't feel it, we don't want to give everything to it. Then it's physical and vocal energy, which is how I show up, how you show up, and how we connect. And then it's bring it to life through stories, anecdotes, metaphors, and really good words.

I'm really passionate in this speak like you mean it framework. I'm really passionate about being authentic. I had a client at GE one time say to me, "Yeah. Here in GE, people can smell sell." Like if you're not really who you are, just forget it. And you know it made such an impression on me, because if you aren't authentic, and people don't feel that you're being real, it's a little bit like a dart hitting a dart board, but there's no point on it. Like you can't connect with somebody who's not real. And I've worked with a lot of executives for a lot of years and it's one of those things that you try to figure it out.

For Howard Schultz, being authentic is transparency. In 2008 when he came out with this announcement that, "Yes, it's true. We've lost our way. I'm going to say so," it was a very clear decision for authenticity, and to admit we have flaws, and we fail and that's part of being authentic. It isn't just like I wear jeans and I'm real. It has attributes to it that enable others to be real too.

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon is President and founder of EchelonCommunicate, LLC, the Leader’s communication company. Working at the intersection of great leadership and powerful communication, Echelon provides high impact learning programs, execut...

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