Simple Ways to Encourage Your Team

Jan Smith, one of the world’s premier vocal coaches, discusses how to encourage team building in a simple yet influential way. In this video, Jan shares how her passion for music created a business where she now leads a team of other vocal coaches; that team depends on each other and the organization's sustained success to achieve their professional vision. Jan offers simple team building actions -- from remembering birthdays to giving frequent social media shout-outs for a job well done -- to build team culture within any organization. With the amount of time and effort employees invest in your organization, learn how to motivate and inspire people, and discover how you can build a healthy, high-functioning team using these simple daily leadership tips.

Jan Smith

Jan Smith, dubbed Mama Jan by Usher, is the world’s premier vocal producer and instructor. She has over 26 years experience in the music industry as both an artist and a mentor. Mama Jan is a Grammy nominated producer and a Georgia Mu...

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